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Prospective Homeowners: Why choose Woodcreek?

There are several things that make Woodcreek a great place to live. We've polled Woodcreek residents, and here are some of the things that we love about living here:

Convenient Location

Woodcreek is right in the middle of everything. See About Woodcreek for more detailed information.


Woodcreek is nestled in a small neighborhood that doesn't get much unwanted attention. Use the Durham Crime Mapper to get exact statistics for crimes by location in Durham--you'll see that woodcreek and surrounding neighborhoods are very safe. Those of us who live at Woodcreek list safety as one of the best things about our community. We are proud to have relatively few reports of crime in any variety, and we intend to keep it that way.

Friendly People

Neighbors can really make a difference in how much you like your neighborhood. If you're looking for a subdivision with great people and great neighbors, Woodcreek is a good choice. Woodcreek is a community of friendly people. Come knock on any door in Woodcreek and you're sure to find great company. We also try to fit time into our busy schedules for annual community events.


Do your homework and find out how homes are appreciating in the areas you're interested in. You'll find Woodcreek among the top for investment appreciation. Homes in Woodcreek have appreciated very well since construction. You can use websites like Zillow to explore recent and historical sales prices for homes. The appreciation rates for homes in Woodcreek exceed those for other areas in Durham, and even within zip code 27713. Our appreciation rates over the last 10 years have been 3-4%, which is quite high (even in the face of the housing crisis!). Steady demand for small, low-maintenance homes for young families and first-time homebuyers has encouraged appreciation of Woodcreek homes.

Extraordinary Value

Given the combination of location, safety, people, and appreciation, we think you'll be hard pressed to find a better value than you'll find in Woodcreek. Despite our respectable appreciation rates, low initial costs have kept the houses in Woodcreek very affordable.

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